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Paglight's unique plug-in lampholder system

Standard Lampholder

The Standard Lampholder is designed for use with cost-effective halogen bi-pin lamps, available worldwide in 20W, 35W, 50W, 75W and 100W nominal ratings.

Standard lampholders can be identified using the Wattage Label Kit, Model 9969, thereby enabling instant wattage changes without the need to handle the lamp.

Model 9950
Standard Lampholder

Bi-pin halogen lamps

Softstart Lampholder

When a camera light is turned on from cold, the high current pulse that occurs may trigger the over-current protection of the battery (this occurs typically with any Li-Ion battery). The Softstart Lampholder unit is designed as a solution to this problem. It contains a surge limiting device which starts the camera light at below current peak, and then latches-out after the initial power surge.

The Softstart lampholder is for use with suitable Li-Ion batteries which are capable of powering both a medium-consumption broadcast camera and a light of up to 35W.
Softstart is not required when using a Sony lamp output or a camera equipped with PAG Digital System RTI.

Model 9938
Softstart Lampholder

PowerMax Control/ VariLux Lampholder

12V on-board halogen lamps are over-run when powered by 13.2V or 14.4V camera batteries. The result is dramatically reduced run time, shortened filament life, and incorrect colour temperature. To counter this, the PowerMax Control unit regulates the voltage to 12V, regardless of battery voltage. This provides a constant and correct colour temperature whilst extending battery run time by as much as 25%, and dramatically improving lamp filament life. The VariLux feature enables you to control or 'dim' the light output, which unlike other systems, further conserves battery power.
This unit can be used with all PAG 12V halogen lamps from 20W up to 100W.

Model 9958


The PAG PowerArc unit enables the Paglight to be instantly converted to a metal-halide arc light. This option makes the Paglight the most versatile camera light ever to be presented to the Broadcast Industry. The PowerArc utilises a 24W lamp which has an output equivalent to 100W of halogen light, but at daylight colour temperature. The unit consumes a total of 31W.

Model 9955


Model 9967
Arc Lamp
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